Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are Lyrics Ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh [Verse 1:]Oh, her eyes, her eyesMake the stars look like they’re not shinin’Her hair, her hairFalls perfectly without her tryingShe’s so beautifulAnd I tell her everydayYeah I know, I knowWhen I compliment her she won’t believe meAnd it’s so, it’s soSad to think that she don’t see

Bruno Mars – Our First Time Lyrics Don’t it feel good babe, don’t it feel good babe‘Cause it’s so brand new babe, it’s so brand new babe Don’t it feel good babe, don’t it feel good babe‘Cause it’s so brand new babe, it’s so brand new babe And then here we are (here we are), in this big old empty

Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby Lyrics Ahh yes Chickaha Well, looky here looky hereAh what do we have?Another pretty thang ready for me to grabBut little does she knowThat I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing‘Cause at the end of the nightIt is her I’ll be holding I love you so, heyThat’s what you’ll say (that’s what you’ll say)You’ll tell meBaby

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song Lyrics Today I don’t feel like doing anythingI just wanna lay in my bedDon’t feel like picking up my phoneSo leave a message at the tone‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything. Uh!I’m gonna kick my feet upThen stare at the fanTurn the TV on, throw my hand in my pantsNobody’s gonna tell

Bruno Mars – Marry You Lyrics It’s a beautiful night,We’re looking for something dumb to do.Hey baby,I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes,Or is it this dancing juice?Who cares baby,I think I wanna marry you. Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go oh oh oh,No one will know oh

Bruno Mars feat Damian Marley – Liquor Store Blues LyricsStanding at this liquor storeWhiskey coming through my poresFeeling like I run this whole blockLotto tickets, cheap beerThat’s why you can catch me hereTryna scratch my way up to the top Cause my job got me going nowhereSo I ain’t got a thing to loseTake me to a place where I

Bruno Mars – Treasure Lyrics Baby squirrel, you’s a sexy motherfucker Give me your, give me your, give me your attention, babyI gotta tell you a little something about yourselfYou’re wonderful, flawless, ooh, you’re a sexy ladyBut you walk around here like you wanna be someone else (Oh whoa-oh-oh)I know that you don’t know it, but you’re fine, so fine

Bruno Mars – Gorilla Lyrics Ooh I got a body full of liquorWith a cocaine kickerAnd I’m feeling like I’m thirty feet tallSo lay it down, lay it down You got your legs up in the skyWith the devil in your eyesLet me hear you say you want it allSay it now, say it now Look what you’re doing, look

Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven Lyrics One, two, one, two, three Oh, yeah, yeah,Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,Ooh!Oh, yeah, yeah,Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,Ooh! Never had much faith in love or miraclesOoh!Never wanna put my heart on the lineOoh!But swimming in your water is something spiritualOoh!I’m born again every time you spend the nightOoh! ‘Cause your sex takes

Bruno Mars – Young Girls Lyrics I spent all my money, bought a big old fancy carFor these bright-eyed honiesOh, yeah, you know who you areKeep me up ’til the sun is high‘Til the birds start calling my nameI’m addicted and I don’t know whyGuess I’ve always been this way [PRE-CHORUS]All these roads steer me wrongBut I still drive them