(Josh Mirenda, Jaron Boyer, Cole Taylor) We showed up here when the sun went down Hit it hard, kicked it off right You think by now we’d be heading out

The war of words concerning the state of country music continues, with Jason Aldean being the latest to enter the fray. Responding to comments by Zac Brown in a recent radio interview, Jason Aldean took to his Instagram account to call out Zac Brown.

Oct 02, 2017 · Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, more celebs react to the ‘beyond horrific’ shooting in Las Vegas. Following a deadly shooting in Las Vegas, celebrities are taking to social media to express their grief.

Jason Aldean returned to the stage for his first concert since the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Thursday night (Oct. 12. ) with a defiant speech, and some of the survivors of that tragedy were there to cheer him on. "As you guys know, man, it’s been a tough week and a half for all of us up here

Content. This song is about hard work, loyalty, small town values, and southern work ethic. The singers explain that they were raised in a small town southern atmosphere and were taught to work hard to earn a living.